Strain pigeons

Where it all started

Since 1982 the first steps were taken to the extreme long distance. The first real marathon pigeons came from the Gebr. van Zelderen. The strain is built up by putting the best pigeons in the breeding loft every time. Since 1987, pigeons have been purchased from Wim Muller. This input reinforced the strain, as the offspring became better. IJsbrand received 10 youngsters from the breeders twice. In 1990, four more late hens were taken from Wim Muller. From them was the best breeding hen that the men had. She was among others mother of two pigeons who won a 2nd national and a winner of a 4th national. Together with a cock of Flip Hoogervorst she gave toppers. Later the Brügemann pigeons would come. That was since 1995.

There are also 20 pigeons from region-mate Win Grapendaal. There were two good pigeons. In 2001 came from Brügemann the 190 top breeder. She became mother of the Ace Pigeon Narbonne, the Ace Pigeon Marseille, Irun-pigeon (first pigeon from Irun of North Holland). She is also grandmother of the Barcelona-couple. This couple flew great on Barcelona and also gave toppers as descendants for this queen flight. The last ‘new’ pigeons come from Jan Roelofs (“Montar Koppel”), Martijn De Groot (“Mother of the Stien ” Cees vd Laan and Gerrit Veerman (from the line of the famous “Betuwe couple”).

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