Accommodation of the pigeons

In the yard of IJsbrand is 9 meters of barn, 6 meters of garden shed in front of the barn. At the bottom of the barn is 4 meters for the youngsters. Behind the barn is a young pigeon loft of about 5 meters and three meters of breeding loft In each loft are grates. Under lattices there is a thick layer of granules and that is cleaned 3 or 4 times a year. The breeding lofts and the boxes are cleaned one or two times every day. The lofts look clean and fresh and it exudes a good pigeon climate. All lofts are different. ‘ In the barn are the lofts like the old loft of Brügemann was. In the garden is the loft which was recreated by Cees vd Laan (with a chicken coop).

The youngbird loft behind the barn is like the loft of Jan Roelofs with little ventilation. In all lofts there are good pigeons and in all lofts is a good climate. So what is the best … I don’t know, although I do love the room in the barn. People don’t think this is a pigeon loft, but the pigeons are super successful there too. I often call it jokingly… The worst pigeon loft of the Netherlands. ‘

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