Ijsbrand Kaptein

Tijmen Soeterbroek


The now 60-year-old, from Akersloot, has been a well-established name in the Marathon pigeon world for decades. He won a lot of early prizes on the flights above 900 km and stood continuously on the podium of several big competitions together. Kaptein is a carpenter. For several years he has been servicing the well-known family Brügemann from Assendelft, who have a cheese trade. From the time he was 12 years old, he already started with pigeons. He came into contact with the pigeon sport via a cousin who had pigeons. Ijsbrand’s pigeons have always resided at the current address.

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IJsbrand Kaptein
with Tijmen Soeterbroek

Together never alone

In recent years IJsbrand has the support of his neighbor Tijmen Soeterbroek. A young enthusiastic pigeon fancier. Besides being a part of the care, he does the administration around the pigeon sport, like the breeding charts. Together they share the passion for pigeons and they complement each other where necessary.